The Al-Dahhan Group is a consortium of family-run enterprises, which have been successfully running for 50 years.

The initial companies were dedicated to transport and construction 
within Southern Iraq and today the Group is presided over by Nabil Al- Dahhan, the son of the original founder. The Group has been built up to constitute some of the most important companies within Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon.

Furthermore, the Group has since expanded worldwide through the son of Nabil Al-Dahhan, "Saad Al-Dahhan", who was university educated in the USA as an Industrial Engineer and is now located in Spain heading the Spanish division of the Group.

The Spanish company, Construcciones Pentium, works along the south 
coast of Spain, which enjoyed for many years a boom in 
construction with both housing and commercial property.

The construction companies within the Group own and run fleet of trucks, tow trucks, derricks, excavators, lift trucks and other heavy machinery.


Al Dahhan and Al-Manar Transport Companies
Headquarters in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and (Al-Manar) also in Beirut. Both companies deal with ground transport for the highway and railroad, transporting a wide range of materials totaling 1.2 million tons per year.
Al-Al Sanna and Khaddar Constructions
Founded by Nabil Al-Dahhan its principal activity is construction of housing and commercial buildings and annually invoices approximately $25million.
Al Faw Est.
Founded by Nabil Al-Dahhan as a transporter of commodity and other services. The fleet of 140 trucks, floating barges, ships, tuggs transports 4 million tons each year between Kuwait and Iraq.
Meswac Trading Est.
Founded by Nabil Al-Dahhan the company is involved with general trade and the import and export of different commodities such as: cars, trucks, machinery and food. Based in Kuwait but distributing throughout Iraq from countries worldwide.
Construcciones Pentium
Founded by Saad Al-Dahhan in southern Spain the company deals with all types of construction such as residential, commercial and industrial projects. Annual turnover of 15.000.000 euros.

Burger King Franchise
Southern Spain Operating a Burger King franchise the group built up a chain of 12 restaurants across southern Spain. Although the chain made good annual profits, a strong offer was made in 2000 and all the restaurants were sold as a complete package.
Kookai is a French fashion label franchise founded in 1983. The group Operated a franchise for 6 years and then sold the operation in 2003.

Multimarca Factory SL
The group operates a chain of high street clothing stores selling designer labels. Currently, there are three stores operating in Jordon, another in Marbella, Southern Spain and plans for further stores across Europe.
Inversiones Sayna SL
A property investment company owns several residential and commercial properties dedicated to sale and let.

Grupo Pentium
Established by the group as a development company, Grupo Pentium has become a major player in the Spanish construction and development industry, while also being involved in projects as far reaching as Baghdad, Iraq. The company is currently expanding its operations into new markets.

UMICO, Atlanta, U.S.A
UMICO, London, UK